The Scuba Trust was founded in 1996 by Brenda Carey, Leon Golding and Rikki Singh. Its initial aims were to act as a focal point for the organisation of scuba diving holidays abroad for people with disabilities. It has now grown into one of the UK’s leading dive organisations to help individuals with disabilities (and their friends) learn to scuba dive.

The aim of the Trust is to provide a level playing field by arranging training and obtaining funding to subsidise applicants who, due to disability, encounter difficulty in finding suitable instruction and who may face a greater outlay for training and recreational diving after certification.

The number of ‘Friends of the Scuba Trust’ is growing each year. The Scuba Trust relies on donations to ensure we can continue our work of levelling the playing field to enable our disabled friends to learn to snorkel and scuba dive. We have now trained some 700+ people to scuba dive and enabled them to enjoy a wider and fuller life.