Here at The Scuba Trust we are not tied to any single training agency, this enables us to offer the course that suits YOU.  Our instructors are able to provide courses from all of the world’s leading training organisations including PADI, Naui, HSA, SSI and BSAC.

 Disabled divers will follow the same training format as able-bodied divers, however the skills may need to be adapted to make allowances for a specific disability.

PADI / CoursesStandardDisabled Persons
Try Dives£25£25
Bubble Maker£55£55
Seal Team£80£80
Master Seal - Per Session£25£25
Scuba Review£45£45
Open Water – Referral£220£175
Open Water – Full Course
Advanced Open Water£220£190
Rescue Diver£270£270
Rescue Diver + Emergency First Response (E.F.R)£330£330
Emergency First Response Refresher£90 £80
Divemaster + Materials£400£400
Nitrox (Enriched Air)£100£85

BSAC CoursesStandardDisabled Persons
Try Dives£25£25
Discovery Diver£270£200
Ocean Diver£400£270
Sports Diver£220£190
Dive LeaderP.O.AP.O.A
Advanced DiverP.O.AP.O.A
Skill Development CoursesP.O.AP.O.A